MasterDrive Driver Search winner announced

The MasterDrive Driver Search for a young, aspiring driving to enter the Simola Hillclimb was certainly hotly contested. The final driver has been chosen, though, and MasterDrive looks forward to the further training that will take place to prepare the driver for one of South Africa’s most anticipated motoring events.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says initially it was difficult to choose just one driver as the final rounds drew closer. “Thus, two drivers were selected, John Eyong and Bevin Harris. They competed in the final round during which the final winner was chosen.

“This winner is Bevin Harris who impressed all with his skills. MasterDrive congratulates Harris on his commitment to securing the winning position. He now has the title of being named the winner of MasterDrive’s first Driver Search for Simola Hillclimb in 2023. We are proud to have this aspiring driver representing MasterDrive.”

Claiming this title was not an easy task and all the drivers were put through their paces. “This started with the first round one of eliminations to identify the top five drivers for the next round. From the many talented and dedicated drivers, the top five were selected by a panel of well-known names in the industry.

“After this there was an extensive round of theoretical and practical testing. This included track time and coaching at the Killarney Track School (powered by MasterDrive). Then it was the last round of eliminations where Harris was selected to receive dedicated training and preparation for the event. RDSA and PwP assisted in this process and are sponsoring track time and driver coaching.

MasterDrive and their partners will ensure that Harris has everything necessary to excel at the Simola Hillclimb. “Over the next few days, he will be equipped with all the skills necessary to drive the Hillclimb with confidence and finesse. The vehicle he will be driving is courtesy of MasterDrive and Harris will spend the five days the Hillclimb takes place in accommodation sponsored by Tourvest Destination Management. Castrol will take care of the oil requirements.

“We anticipate helping a young, aspiring driver from a previously disadvantaged background in taking the first step to make his dreams come true. We feel privileged to assist an individual who not only deserves the help but who is as committed to the love of driving as much as what MasterDrive is,” says Herbert.