Meet the autObarn team of 7 and their classic Land Rovers on the c2c Chartwell RSA to Chartwell UK exhibition

From South Africa up the African continent, destination Chartwell House Winston Churchill’s home in the UK. To return the Land Rover ‘Winston’ to the UK, the original home of Land Rover, an experienced team of seven drivers in classic dated models will travel over 20 000km in 3 months crossing 3 Continents, 20 Countries and meeting and collaborating with many communities on route.

‘The autObarn Chartwell 2 Chartwell’ Land Rover Mission was created by Robert Eriksen Miller & Mark McClue, lifelong Land Rover drivers and adventurers both enthusiastic about the youth and the environment. Finding a Land Rover in the Cradle of Humankind, restoring it in Chartwell SA, and re-naming it, Winston, gave birth to Rob’s idea to drive across Africa to Chartwell House, the ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill in the UK. Like all good things, the idea developed to have a series of heritage Land Rovers join the mission as a team and tribute to the leading role Land Rover has served over time and why many pursue such ventures in life and business. 

Specific themes for this autObarn mission focus on identifying the critical needs of Food and Water within African communities in line with Sustainable Development Goals. “This is the first of five planned autObarn c2c missions envisioned to take place by 2030 as part of our support for Africa and working with the youth," said c2c spokesperson Mark McClue.

The colourful autObarn c2c team and their much-loved Land Rovers were all established, and the planning started for the autObarn c2c trip. Now well on its way up the African continent and currently in Malawi after being on route for 15 days.

The team and their classic Land Rovers

Rob Eriksen

Rob Eriksen-Miller, also a co-founder of the autObarn c2c trip. Age 54, a Land Rover workshop owner and has been involved in Land Rovers for 31 years and is driving Winston the star of the exhibition. Winston is a 1982 series 3 model, with the mileage being just under 79 000 miles. Finding this Land Rover in the Cradle of Humankind, restoring it in Chartwell SA, and re-naming it, Winston, gave birth to Rob’s idea to drive across Africa to Chartwell House, the ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill in the UK and original home country of this famous brand.

Mark McClue

Mark McClue, age 52, is an entrepreneur based in Chartwell, involved in water and waste management, and co-founder of Armour, he is driving Jan Smuts. Jan smuts was found on a farm and offered to Rob for sale. Rob bought Jan Smuts in a derelict state on 21 January, had it towed into the workshop, and started the rebuild. The paperwork says it is a 1969 model, but it is a 1967 model. The true mileage is also unfortunately unknown.

Alison Grunewald

Alison Grunewald, nicknamed Alley, is a 53-year-old self-employed photographer. She bought her 2000 110 TD5 in 2015 along with her life partner Allan Smith, they did many amazing trips to Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia to name a few places. Unfortunately, Allan died on 21 December 2018, and Alley’s world came to a grinding halt. After Allan passed away, Alley decided to go ahead with her trips. She had the engine rebuilt and drove 9000kms on her first trip without Allan, her motto was "I am a strong independent woman". it was on this trip she decided she needed a pink Land Rover and resprayed it. During covid and lockdown, Alley had her vehicle stripped down and rebuilt. Her defender has many extras for over landing and 4x4ing. She has a 2-inch lift, tyre spacers, a water tank, an extra fuel tank, roof rack with rooftop tent, 70" ostrich awning, ARB compressor, and rear locker and a fitted VHF radio, a Warne winch to name but a few accessories. Her current mileage is 301 989kms.

Stephen Leif Dahl

Stephen Leif Dahl age 59, is a farmer based in the North coast, he is driving Sir Bhejane named after Steve’s' wife’s conservation effort, Bhejane means Rhino. After serving in the police in what was then called Rhodesia, it then became a farm vehicle. It started its police service in 1958. The vehicle was restored by Louis Powell, who is a legendary Land Rover enthusiast and expert based in KZN. Sir Bhejane is a 1958 88-inch Series 1, the mileage is unknown. After Rhodesia, the vehicle went to a Free State farmer and from there bought by an eccentric Scotsman from Eshowe who reluctantly sold it to the local doctor who again then reluctantly sold it on to Steve. Steve has a co-driver and good friend joining him in Jinja for part of the trip. His wife, Haley will be joining him in Turkey for the balance of the trip. 

Mike Eriksen-Miller

Mike Eriksen-Miller aged 62 is a jewellery wholesaler based in Bryanston and has been in the business for 40 years. He became a Land Rover enthusiast through his brother who gave him a vehicle so he could get involved in 4x4s. The deal was to rebuild it and sell it to buy a Land Rover to be part of the team. His first Landy was a BDF 110, he now has a stable of 7 Land Rovers across the range. He is driving Thomas who has been around the family since brand new at Waterford Land Rover. Mike is the third owner of Thomas it is a 1998 300TDI 90 short wheelbase. He has done several defender Trophies and it has also been the vehicle that his children all learned to drive in, its current mileage is 270 O00kms. 

Trevor Stiebel

Trevor Stiebel nicknamed Tree is a 45-year-old auctioneer at auction Pro based in Fourways. He used to be a logger hence the nickname Tree. Trevor is accompanied by his wife Helen, their disabled son, Kyle, and his carer Tim. Kyle and Tim will not be doing the whole trip but leaving at some point. The Stiebel family would like Kyle to be an example to show others that being disabled should not prevent you from being excluded from all sorts of activities and to show others this can be done and how much enjoyment Kyle gets from this. Obviously, there are some challenges ahead especially now that Kyle is larger and heavier. So, they are trying to raise money to enable them to continue with Kyle’s adventures and to help others who are disabled to be able to participate and enjoy the same experiences. Tree is driving the 1970 Land Rover Forward Control series llB named Rocinante which is Spanish and was Don Coyote’s trusted stead. She has been retrofitted with a 300Tdi engine and R380 gearbox making her a permanent 4-wheel drive. She does 6kms to a litre fully loaded and her kilometres are unknown. She has 6 Gerry cans mounted, spotlights, a high lift jack, a 4 and a half Ton winch, a vice, 2 spare wheels, and a roof rack and solar panel fitted.

Rick Currie Series

A 76-year-old semi-retired property valuer and Chartwell resident, he is doing the trip for many reasons as he wants to visit his son and friends in the UK and the challenge will be exciting and educational. He is very keen to see Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. He has owned his 107-station wagon for over 20 years. A 1956 model, the vehicle has had an adventurous life having been hit by a bus in the Mikumi National Park in Tanzania in 2004. Although a technical write-off he followed the policy of the USA military of never leaving wounded in enemy territory, he went up with a 4-wheel flatbed trailer and brought the old Landy back to Joburg. It took a long 10 years to repair. Much of the body had to be replaced with spares found in many places including the firewall in Zimbabwe. The vehicle was stripped down completely. It is now in excellent shape. He has done many wonderful trips; the plan is to sell it in the UK. He has covered 5700 km since he left Joburg. He plans to leave Mombasa to the Amboseli Park and meet up with the team for the rest of the trip.

The team are well into their 2nd week and crossing into Malawi with all vehicles performing well, and not missing a beat.

Interested parties wanting to support this mission can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Alley Grunewald  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mobile 083 628 5529 or Mark McClue on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  mobile 081 262 9505 or Andre Marich on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  mobile 078 435 0634