The ultimate armoured luxury SUV: meet SVI’s B6-rated Lexus LX

SVI Engineering, leading specialist manufacturer of armoured products, has developed a new B6 discreet package for the J310-generation Lexus LX, handing the luxury all-terrain SUV the highest level of civilian protection available in South Africa without a special permit.

The Bashewa-based firm’s discreetly armoured LX offers 360-degree B6 protection against assault rifles, including AK47, R1 and R5. While Toyota’s Land Cruiser 300 is a firm favourite with SVI clients seeking a B6-armoured SUV with off-road capability, the launch of a concealed protection package for the closely related LX provides customers with an even more luxurious option, according to SVI Business Development Director, Nicol Louw.

“Right now, the Lexus LX is arguably the best luxury SUV on the local market for B6 armouring, offering an unrivalled blend of opulence and ruggedness. The example we have armoured here is the flagship LX 600 VIP four-seater derivative, which boasts climatised second-row seats offering plenty of legroom, independently adjustable ottomans, a seven-stage massage function and even 11.6-inch screens. With our B6 protection package installed, this may well be the ultimate armoured luxury SUV,” says Louw.

Of course, the new B6 package can also be applied to other variants in the five-strong LX range, including the F Sport models. In each case, the SUV’s various driver-assistance safety systems – including those that rely on sensors mounted behind the windscreen – remain fully operational.


Armed with vast experience, the latest technology and top-quality imported materials, SVI’s team of engineers developed a B6 concealed solution closely related to that of the Land Cruiser 300 but ultimately specific to the LX. The package makes extensive use of custom-fabricated armoured steel plates, composite materials and high-grade 38 mm ballistic glass.

To save on both cost and overall mass, the 360-degree B6 armouring package for the LX incorporates an armoured rear bulkhead (complete with escape hatch) neatly integrated behind the second row. A suspension upgrade is also included as standard – allowing the body-on-frame SUV to easily manage the additional mass of the comprehensive array of armouring materials – as are upgraded door hinges and protection for various critical under-bonnet components.

The extra weight is no match for the Toyota-backed brand’s standard powertrain either, regardless of whether the client opts for the 225 kW/700 Nm 3.3-litre turbodiesel V6 motor (in the LX 500d) or the 305 kW/650 Nm twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine (employed by the LX 600).


The 360-degree B6 armouring solution for the Lexus LX is priced from R1 060 369 (excluding VAT), while the list of options includes items such as B6 roof armour, B6 floor armour, a PA system and heavy-duty runflat rings for the tyres. The build time is set at approximately four months. SVI also offers a B4 discreet package – providing protection against handguns, up to .44 Magnum – which is priced from R771 930 (excluding VAT).

Lexus LX 360-degree B4 armour – R771 930 (ex VAT)
Lexus LX 360-degree B6 armour – R1 060 369 (ex VAT)