Joining road safety forces

MasterDrive, in partnership with Santam Heavy Haulage and Castrol, is gearing up for their annual Transport Month event. This year marks seven years since the first event and it has grown exponentially and seen its own transformation. October is Transport Month in South Africa and is a crucial time to shine the spotlight on road safety and other transportation issues.

Eugene Herbert, CEO of MasterDrive, says “This year, our Transport Month event will be even more impactful, with the theme of ‘Corporate accountability: driving safety in fleets,’ aimed at bolstering road safety, particularly leading up to the festive season.

“Transport Month is a vital platform to emphasise the importance of road safety and sustainable transport choices. It is a time for all corporations, organisations, government, and citizens to address and strategise on one of South Africa’s greatest concerns: road safety,” says Herbert.

Melanie van Straaten, sales director at Castrol South Africa says, “Driving is one of the biggest personal safety risks within bp which is concern for all of us, not just those who drive as part of their role. According to a report from the World Health Organisation, over 1.35 million people die globally in road traffic accidents every year, and 50 million are injured. Road traffic injuries are fast becoming a leading cause of death and disability worldwide.”

“During the festive season, in particular, we see an increase in travel, which places a far greater demand on our road systems and the vehicles utilising these. Placing attention on corporate accountability in road safety during Transport Month is an important reminder to organisations to uphold their responsibility in making our country’s roads safer,” says Van Straaten.

Anton Cornelissen, head of Santam Heavy Haulage Insurance, says the organisation shares the same passion for road safety. “We have the same commitment towards road safety and raising awareness as our partners. In particular, committing to a road safety initiative ahead of one of the most dangerous periods on South African roads, is one of the best ways to mark Transport Month.

“Together our partners, presenters and speakers can share information that can assist us in our awareness-raising efforts and help individuals to best equip themselves when driving on roads with higher risk through this period,” says Cornelissen.

Be part of ‘Corporate accountability: driving safety in fleets,’ as we head into the Festive Season. The discussion will highlight vital issues, bring attention to potentially little-known facts and be an overall reminder of the importance of focusing on road safety ahead of the holiday period.

How to attend:

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