Lexus debuts next generation BEV line-up and vision for the future at the Japan Mobility Show

Lexus has unveiled two battery electric vehicle (BEV) concepts showcasing next-generation technology and its exciting, electrified product future at the Japan Mobility Show this week.

Taking the theme “Pushing the Boundaries of the Electrified Experience,” Lexus is giving rich insight into how it will maximise the opportunities offered by electrification and new technologies to deliver fresh mobility experiences.

The Lexus booth is hosting the public debut of the LF-ZC (Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst) - a battery electric sedan concept which points towards a new production model scheduled for global release in 2026, as well as the LF-ZL (Lexus Future Zero-emission Luxury) - its vision for a flagship battery-electric SUV.

Lexus has been a technology pioneer ever since the brand was founded in 1989 and it has a proud heritage of challenging the conventions of the luxury car market and consistently delivering new value to customers. Now established as a global luxury lifestyle brand, it continues to take up the challenge of creating cars and experiences that exceed customer expectations.

A completely new modular structure for vehicle design, innovative production technology and an advanced software platform will reimagine the Lexus Driving Signature, along with new levels of personalised luxury, as Lexus commits to being an electrified brand by 2035.

The next-generation of zero-tailpipe emission Lexus BEVs are expressed through the LF-ZC concept, set for international release in 2026, and the futuristic LF-ZL flagship concept.

The Lexus approach to sustainability is also visualised in the interior design with the Bamboo CMF Concept1. The brand is exploring new possibilities with traditional materials by weaving bamboo fibres and threads into high-quality elements of the luxuriously crafted interior. Bamboo grows quickly, has a high CO2 absorption capacity and its beauty has been used by Takumi craftspeople in Japanese building materials for centuries.

In terms of driving performance, the inherent excellent inertia characteristics of BEVs together with Lexus technologies such as DIRECT4 all-wheel drive pioneered through the RZ, provide seamless drivability control and an intuitive, linear steering feel for the Steer by Wire system.


As the name suggests, the Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst forms the catalyst for new electrified experiences, including elevated driving dynamics, uncompromised design, and new exclusive services - the epitome of the Lexus promise to craft cars that enrich the lives of its discerning customers.

As a model that symbolises the electrification of Lexus, the LF-ZC has a low centre of gravity, a compact silhouette with sleek proportions, and a roomy cabin. The styling foreshadows a stirring driving experience where excellent vehicle functionality and the emotionality of beautiful design come together.


The LF-ZL is a flagship future Lexus model, aiming to offer a prestigious ownership experience beyond just the car, with innovation in next-generation BEV architecture and advancements from the new Arene OS software platform.

Lexus has created a spacious and relaxing cabin by taking advantage of the freedom in BEV-specific packaging and optimising interior space. It has also elevated traditional Omotenashi features into being more advanced and pleasurable, ensuring an unparalleled experience.

LF-ZC Main Specifications


LF-ZL Main Specifications

Overall Length

4750 mm


Overall Length

5300 mm

Overall Width

1880 mm


Overall Width

2020 mm

Overall Height

1390 mm


Overall Height

1700 mm


2890 mm



3350 mm

Cd value

Under 0.2 (Target Value)