Latest innovations from Massey Ferguson to boost smart farming
MF Connect is a fleet management tool to optimise work efficiency and minimise downtime

Leading tractor brand Massey Ferguson, distributed and manufactured by AGCO, is constantly evolving and leading the way with the latest innovations to promote the benefits of smart farming in the agricultural community.

These are optimised and monitored machine performance, increased efficiency and productivity, accurate management of input costs and sustainable and economical farm practices, says Emile Renke, Product Marketing Manager FUSE Connectivity and Guidance, Africa at AGCO.

In this regard, MF Guide is a complete guidance system for hands-free steering. Guidance Ready/Full Guidance is offered as standard from the factory on most high horsepower (HHP) tractors or as an aftermarket installation Guidance Ready tractors from the factory can be easily retrofitted with AGCO’s own Commonised Electronic Architecture (CEA) guide systems.

Factory installed and supplied guidance systems ensure peace of mind that the solution was custom built and adapted for the specific tractor. This means it will receive the same trusted support and guarantee from the MF dealer as the tractor itself. A range of accuracy options, from 100 cm to 2.5 cm, gives farmers the flexibility and freedom of choice to streamline their guidance solutions according to best farming practice.

It is MF ISOBUS 11783 compliant. Integral ISOBUS compatibility keeps the operation in the cab uncluttered and simple, allowing the terminal to provide simple ‘plug and play’ control. It also saves money on the cost of additional terminals, with Datatronic 5 and/or Fieldstar 5 delivering an intuitive-to-use operating interface.

The ability to add an additional FieldStar 5 terminal to the tractor gives the user 18 inches of screen viewing for complex tasks. The user is able to decide which terminal displays what information. Switches on the MultiPad joystick in the MF HHP tractor can also be used to control ISOBUS implements, enabling operators to customise the set-up to their specific needs for easier and ergonomic operation.

MF TaskDoc records data quickly and easily to create field records, make job reports and keep accurate records of inputs. TaskDoc allows for seamless import of prescription maps in ISOXML3 format directly from the main working screen, allowing users to experience a world-class intuitive display. A simple-to-use, two-step process of exporting as applied task data makes it easy to get things done and focus on what is important.

MF Section Control allows for control of up to 24 + 72 (96) sections for more accurate, economic application of fertiliser, pesticides, and herbicides, based on real-time field conditions. Automatic switching on and off of sections on compatible implements results in savings of up to 15 % in fertilisers, pesticides, and seeds.

The demand for Automatic Section Control is growing due to implement working widths, increasing over the last couple of years, further raising the risk of overlap that leads to uneconomical usage of inputs. MF offers easier setup and less clutter in the cab, as one device/terminal can control multiple applications. More accurate placement of multiple applications yields better crop growth and less weeds and diseases, resulting in higher yields. “Using our technology results in cost-savings due to reduced overlapped and overapplied areas for improved efficiency,” says Renke.

With MF Variable Rate Control (VRC), farmers can vary the application rate of up to five liquid or dry products, using only the required quantity in any given area of a field. VRC enables the use of prescription maps and automatic adjustment of the application rate on the implement, such as fertiliser spreaders, sprayers, and seed drills. The technology needs an ISOBUS compatible implement supporting these functions.

The prescription map is created with the aid of a compatible field management system (FMIS) and transferred to the terminal via the TaskDoc feature. “VRC is all about utilising the potential of the soil and adapting the growth strategy more towards zones, rather than treating a complete area based on an average. VRC is not about saving inputs, but creating higher and more homogeneous quality,” explains Renke.

Lastly, MF Connect is a fleet management tool to monitor the status of machines to optimise work efficiency and minimise downtime. Telemetry offers farmers numerous benefits such as operational efficiency efficient planning by observing progress thanks to the ability to act in real-time; saving time by maintaining an overview from the office or on the go, without physically visiting all fleet members and wasting travel time; and monitoring consumption to improve performance and raise awareness about potential cost reductions. In addition, it also assists with notifications such as scheduled maintenance.

In summary, MF uses connected technologies and smart applications to boost any agricultural operation, making sure it is efficiently run and maintained, saving the farmer money and reducing input costs.

Last year Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), was excited to announce a fresh look for its iconic Triple Triangle logo and its new ‘Born to Farm’ brand identity in celebration of its 175th anniversary. MF has offered farmers around the world straightforward and dependable machines since its inception. Few global brands can claim such a lasting impact in the agricultural industry.

In support of the farming community, Massey Ferguson has an extensive network of over 35 dealers covering the whole of South Africa, catering for parts, service, aftersales and new sales. Potential customers interested in the MF range can obtain all information from Upon completing the contact form, potential customers will have the video, brochure and dealer contact details sent to their WhatsApp and email within 30 seconds.