RIMAC and IONITY Join Forces to Deliver the Ultimate Electric Mobility Experience

With a shared goal of pushing the boundaries of electric mobility, Rimac Automobili, maker of the world's fastest all-electric hypercar, and IONITY, Europe's largest open-brand high-power charging (HPC) network are joining forces.

The partnership brings together the record-breaking hypercar, the Rimac Nevera, with IONITY’s ultra-fast, reliable, and green charging network. Owners of the Nevera – the fastest accelerating production car in the world, with the highest charging power available in a passenger vehicle, limited to 150 vehicles – will benefit of eight years of unlimited free charging at all IONITY stations located across 24 European countries.

“When people think of Rimac, they think of the record-breaking performance that the Nevera delivers, as well as the groundbreaking technologies at the heart of the company. Yet, the Nevera was primarily developed as a hyper GT, rather than a track-focused car – it is a user-friendly hypercar. The collaboration with IONITY allows us to take this experience to the next level.” - Mate Rimac - Founder and CEO of Rimac Group

Powered by Rimac’s in-house developed drivetrain and a 120kWh lithium manganese nickel battery pack, the Nevera delivers a WLTP* range of 490km and 500kW charging capability. This remarkable feature of engineering, combined with IONITY’s award-winning Halo charger with a charging capacity of 350kW, allows a 0% to 80% battery top up within 25 minutes. 

“So, IONITY's extensive charging network is a perfect match for Rimac. IONITY’s HPC technology guarantees a fast and reliable charging experience across Europe, ensuring that pit stops are as short and effortless as possible,” added Mate Rimac. 

“IONITY has set the standards in ultra-fast charging and a seamless user experience across Europe. The partnership with Rimac perfectly reflects our endeavor for performance, reliability, and sustainability. It is based on common values and the pioneering work we do in our respective fields to enable and advance electric mobility.”  IONITY’s pan-European ultra-fast charging network includes more than 500 stations strategically placed along Europe’s highways to enable long-distance travel across the continent. The network is open to vehicles of all brands and constantly being expanded with new locations, additional charging points, solar roofs, and adjacent services to improve the on-site charging experience." - Michael Hajesch - CEO of IONITY

Beyond providing an outstanding en-route charging experience for Nevera owners, IONITY will also install an HPC charging station at the state-of-the-art Rimac Campus nearby Zagreb, Croatia, which is currently under construction. The IONITY six-charger hub will be accessible 24/7 to the public as well as visitors of the campus. Moreover, to further enhance the high-power charging infrastructure on the campus, additional chargers will be built across the remaining areas of the campus. Some of these chargers are scheduled to be installed later this year, ensuring their availability for the launch of the first phase of the Rimac Campus in 2024.

Upon completion of phase one in 2024, the production site of the Rimac Campus, which covers an impressive 70,000 m2, will serve as a global hub for Rimac components and vehicles. In the years following, the campus will undergo expansion, encompassing an expansive 100,000 m2, to incorporate the company’s corporate HQ and Research & Development (R&D) center, as well as many amenities. Built to be sustainable, carbon neutral and geared around its 2,500 employees, the campus will offer the public the chance to enjoy a Rimac brand experience center as well as retail space, restaurant, and various events on site whilst topping up their vehicle’s batteries at the ultrafast IONITY chargers.

To celebrate the collaboration, Rimac and IONITY will come together this week for a Rimac Nevera x IONITY Tour across Europe. Starting at the Rimac Factory in Zagreb, Croatia, and taking some of the best routes in Europe on the way to the finish point in Saint-Tropez.