17 Used Car searches per second | AutoTrader Mid Year Car Industry Report


The anticipated 2023 AutoTrader Mid Year Industry Report covering a period of six months (1 January - 30 June 2023) has been released.

This report marks the 14th in-depth analysis aimed at providing valuable insights into car-shopper buying behaviours and consumer patterns such as:

  • Which used cars have the highest demand in South Africa
  • Which brand ismost in-demand
  • How many car searches happen every second

2023 marks a year in which the automotive industry has steadily gained traction making strides towards significant growth. The first six months show a local automotive industry that has demonstrated remarkable resilience and progress despite a challenging economic backdrop.

Exciting insights to look forward to?

  • NEW:Used car sales data
  • Fuel-type search behaviour changes
  • New Energy Vehicle insights
  • Unique insights into local car shopping consumer behaviour
  • Thought Leadership from AutoTrader CEO George Mienie

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