Truckers - the backbone of logisitics in South Africa

Negative publicity abounds around truckers, their impact on our roads, driving habits and so much more. Dig a little deeper and you will find that there is far more to it than what our initial perceptions may lead us to believe.

Owing to the fact that the major industrial and consumer output of South Africa is land locked, located in the interior of the country, our economy is reliant on efficient transport systems for both import and export. The rail network has struggled to compete with truckers, who deliver door to door, thus reducing double handling, reducing risk, and vastly improving delivery times, making truck transport the preferred option.

The costs of fuel, repair and maintenance, and insurance are constantly rising and squeezing margins in the road freight industry. Drivers have a major influence on all these factors and can safeguard the sustainability of the business through safe and efficient driving.

“To recognise the expertise and awareness of effective truck drivers, we launched the #ThankYouTrucker campaign in conjunction with the Road Freight Association (RFA), three years ago,” says Elvis Mutseura, Product Marketing Manager of Iveco, “ the objective of which is to pay tribute to the Truckers who keep the logistics industry moving, to raise awareness about the important contribution that the drivers  make and to provide motivation for those that are entering into their trucking journey.”

Truck drivers carry a great deal of responsibility, not just in ensuring that the deliveries remain profitable and are delivered timeously, but also in terms of road safety.

“Any incentive that leads to responsible behaviour in trucker performance will have many unseen consumer benefits,” adds Gavin Kelly, CEO of the RFA.

The #ThankyouTrucker campaign is looking for the most extraordinary freight driver, a remarkable

individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Some of the criteria used to judge the drivers, include their helpfulness, trustworthiness, dependability, safety records as well as the care and passion that he or she display towards their chosen career.

Drivers are nominated by company owners, operations managers, direct line managers or fleet managers and only South African drivers in the road freight industry in South Africa can be nominated. The nomination period is open till 2 September 2023, voting is open to anyone, but limited to one vote per person/device. The driver who receives the most votes wins and the winner will be announced on on 9 October 2023.

In addition to recognition that comes from winning the competition, the overall winner will receive a R50 000 cash prize. The first runner-up receives R10 000 and the second runner-up R5 000.

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