West Midlands Gigafactory Statement

The West Midlands Gigafactory congratulates Tata and JLR for choosing the UK as their next gigafactory site. 

As we move to an electrified world, it is clear the UK Government recognises the urgency of supporting the UK’s mobility and energy storage sectors, future economic growth and achieving its Net Zero targets. We are now extremely hopeful that this example will be continued.

We welcome the support of the UK Government and the opportunity this deal presents to the UK. By keeping it onshore, we will attract battery cell suppliers to the UK. But there is more to be done if we want to secure future green automotive jobs here and not fall further behind in the global gigafactory face – currently there are 300 planned internationally, 40 in Europe and none are operational in the UK.

This movement has only amplified the worldwide attraction of the West Midlands Gigafactory, located in the hub of the mobility industry in the UK, and puts Britain on the map for leading global battery production.

With access to world-class skills, talent and supply chain capabilities in the region, The West Midlands benefits from a strong transport infrastructure for the future Gigafactory’s logistics requirements, supply chain and access for up to 6,000 employees.