SABOA Fleet Safety Awards 2023: Entries are open!

MasterDrive in partnership with the South African Bus Operators Association (SABOA) is hosting the inaugural SABOA Fleet Safety Awards specifically for the bus industry. Entries for the competition are officially open. If you are a bus operator committed to road safety, do not hesitate to enter and give yourself the best opportunity to showcase your organisation.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says we are in need for a Fleet Safety Awards targeted specifically around the unique needs of the bus industry. “Thus, following the launch of the Fleet Safety Awards by MasterDrive in 2022, the importance of this was seen by SABOA. Soon after discussions started between our organisations to develop an Awards ceremony designed to suit the bus industry.

 “There will be two categories that bus operators can enter including Best Fleet Manager and Best Operator. If you have a manager embodying road safety and empowering drivers to be the safest on the road, seize the opportunity for them to be rewarded for their dedication. Additionally, if your organisation promotes road safety as an ethos and provides the skills and materials needed to prioritise it, you can put your company forward to be recognised as well.”

Both MasterDrive and SABOA encourage all operators committed to road safety to enter the Awards. “Both the act of being rewarded and the demonstration of your success in road safety will make a significant impact in furthering safety on our roads,” says Herbert.

How to enter

Submit your entry by following this link:

  1. Create a profile in order to receive a unique identifier
  2. The unique identifier keeps all entrants anonymous to ensure fair and equal awards
  3. Complete the first round of questions – takes approximately two minutes
  4. You will be notified whether you made it into the second round within 3 – 5 working days
  5. As soon as you receive confirmation of successfully qualifying, you can complete the second round of questions.
  6. The speed that you complete the first round decides how long you will have to complete the more extensive second round of questions
  7. The entry form allows you to pause midway through answering and return later
  8. Sit back, relax and wait for your invitation to the Awards ceremony

Important dates

Entries open 10 July 2023
Close off first round 31 July 2023
Last two weeks to complete entries begins 31 July 2023
Close second round of entries 14 August 2023
Final judging period begins 14 August 2023
Judging ends 21 August 2023
Auditing process 21 to 25 August 2023
Invitations to finalists to be sent 25 August 2023
SABOA Fleet Safety Awards takes place 5 September 2023