Time to take responsibility for your own safety

The assault on the three people by members of the SAPS’ VIP Protection Unit last weekend, again highlights the need for South Africans to protect themselves against any possible threats. The Automobile Association (AA) says citizens simply have no other choice but to rely on private security providers if they want to remain safe.

“The very people who are meant to protect and serve us are the very people who committed this heinous assault. Citizens can rightfully question if they are safe, even if the police are involved. For this reason, we have to call on members of the public to protect themselves through engaging the services of private security personnel if they believe they are in danger. We do not make this call lightly, but, we believe, it’s the sensible course of action,” says Willem Groenewald, CEO of the AA.

Groenewald says it was for this reason that the AA entered a partnership with CASi in May 2022 to provide effective security solutions to all South Africans. Through this partnership, the AA removed the focus from the vehicle only to providing more comprehensive services to the person.

“Our various State of Security reports over the past three years indicate that South Africans are feeling more and more vulnerable every day. Rising levels of crime, and incidents such as the one involving the VIP Protection Unit, add to this anxiety and fear. We believe by always having a panic device on you – one that can easily and effectively summon any one of the more than 220-armed security and medical response companies who work with us – is hugely beneficial, and necessary. And it’s a device that can be used by anyone in the family, from youngest to oldest, is easy to carry, and incredibly cost effective,” says Groenewald.

The AA’s Remi panic button is linked to more than 220-armed security and medical response companies in the country and once pressed, the device sends a signal to the closest service provider to the user’s location. The device can also be used to geofence an individual’s location (e.g., a child at school) and also has an impact assist feature which alerts the control room if someone has collapsed or incurred an impact, such as an elderly person. 

“The evidence is clear that people simply have to take responsibility for their own safety and security and not rely on conventional services to do that for them anymore,” Groenewald concludes.

For more information and to purchase the Remi device, please visit: https://aa.co.za/remi/.