Superior Problem Solving for Logistics and Distribution

The identification of common barriers to delivery and logistics excellence continues to be the cornerstone of Loop development. Route optimisation, live customer tracking, route visibility, data analytics and paper-less, electronic PODS functionality are some of the key offerings of Loop. Loop also allows for partial delivery, failed delivery redirection and the manual correction of delivery addresses.

Loop is more than a tech provider when it comes to enhancing client logistics and distribution. Their solutions connect the dots within your entire supply chain, ensuring you manage orders and drivers using best practice steps and visibility, along with optimal safety for drivers, vehicles, and goods.

But that’s not where it ends.

Their ecosystem is specifically designed to give clients a competitive edge at an affordable price, to ensure that they have all the tech tools needed to dominate the delivery process.

Whether the optimal logistics system is required by a third party, or the producer, acquisition and supply is self-run, Loop closes the loop on the logistics.

Loop brings route optimization, live tracking, mapping and electronic POD into play. Both sender and receiver have full line of sight on the journey, which reduces failed delivery.

Once a successful delivery is carried out, Loop enables effective data analysis that addresses any slowed uptake, delays, or safety concerns.

In fact, retailers have reported a 10 – 35% increase in delivery volume with no additional drivers hired, as well as a 40% increase in customer satisfaction rating after two months of Loop implementation.

Across Africa, freight distribution carries inherent risk related to theft and road safety concerns. Loop brings sender and receiver closer together, through seamless and simple technology.

The road is long, but safer delivery is within reach.