GetWorth introduces innovative Value Calculator to empower car buyers

GetWorth, a leading technology company in the automotive industry, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge Value Calculator. Designed to assist car buyers in determining the true worth of similar models they are shopping for in the market, this AI-powered tool is set to revolutionise the car purchasing process.

Weighing up value in the used car market can be difficult. Even if a car shopper has a clear idea of which model they want to buy, the different prices, ages and mileages in the market makes comparison a daunting task for buyers. The getWorth Value Calculator aims to simplify this process and provide consumers with accurate insights into the worth of the vehicles they are shopping for based on age and mileage.

The tool utilises the power of AI and advanced pricing algorithms to analyse millions of market prices over time and rank different cars accordingly.

Using the getWorth Value Calculator is a seamless and user-friendly experience. Car buyers simply need to load information about the car they have their eye on, as well as other cars they are considering, into the calculator. The AI algorithm then goes to work, comparing the values of these vehicles and providing rankings based on market insights.

"We are thrilled to introduce the getWorth Value Calculator to empower car buyers in their purchasing decisions," said getWorth co-founder and CEO Jamie Surkont. "We understand that determining the value of a vehicle can be a complex task, and our tool aims to simplify this process by leveraging AI technology.”

“By providing accurate and data-driven insights, we aim to equip consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and secure the best value for their money," he adds.

The Value Price tool is just one step in getWorth's mission to transform the car buying experience. While currently limited to comparing cars of the same model, the company is committed to expanding the tool's capabilities to compare values across a wider range of vehicles in the near future.

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