Fleet Safety Awards 2023: More categories, more rewards

The Fleet Safety Awards are back for a second year with a great deal of anticipation. This is born from the great success of last years’ Awards along with a number of new innovations and introductions this year. One of these is some changes to the categories to include a wider range of individuals and organisations that can be recognised for their efforts in promoting road safety.

The first change to the categories is to differentiate entrants within one category to ensure judges can make like-for-like comparisons. The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says: “Thus, the first category differentiation is to separate entrants according to their vehicle types: light, medium or heavy commercial vehicles.

“Essentially, this means light motor vehicles will be compared against other LMVs as opposed to comparing them against medium or heavy commercial vehicles. This is to bring a greater degree of equality to the judging process and ensure all entrants are competing against similar candidates.”

The two categories featured in the inaugural Awards will remain as the top categories to aspire toward. “Both Best Fleet Manager and Best Company will remain. Additionally, MasterDrive and their top tier partners, Santam and Castrol, identified three new categories to further recognise individuals and companies for their efforts in promoting road safety: Road Warrior, Best Employer and Best Truck Stop.

“We look forward to widening the scope of the Fleet Safety Awards by adding these categories. Many more groups have the potential to make a difference on the roads whether it be through implementing road safety policies or making provision for drivers’ safety or by being a model of road safety. We look forward to seeing what this years’ Fleet Safety Awards holds,” says Herbert.

Fleet Safety Awards’ categories

Best Fleet Manager

This is the main category to aspire to winning. It recognises a fleet manager committed to implementing the safety procedures and policies of their organisation and going above-and-beyond to create a team of drivers committed to road safety.

The main prize of this category, among other noteworthy prizes, is a considerable cash prize. The top placement in LMV, MCV and HCV, will win R10 000 each while the overall winner of all three categories will win a further R30 000 - A total of R 40 000 in recognition of their commitment.

Best Organisation

An organisation that embodies road safety by implementing a number of procedures, policies and other initiatives to ensure a road safety ethos is upheld in the organisation. The winner of this category will win the illustrious Phillip Hull Floating Trophy named after a leader in road safety in South Africa. 

Road Warrior driven by Michelin

Traditionally, a road warrior is defined as someone who frequently travels for business and who does much of their work while on, or in between, their travels. To enter this category, entrants must display a commitment to being a safe driver and show how they play their role in creating safer roads in South Africa.

A winner from the LMV, MCV and HCV categories will be selected and awarded R5 000 each. An overall winner will also be selected and win a further prize of R25 000.

The next two categories can only be entered if you have submitted an entry into one of the first three categories. Both of these categories are limited to fleets that have HCVs.  

Best Employer

An employee will nominate their organisation for the effort they exert in equipping them with the tools, skills and support necessary for them to become or manage the safest drivers on the road. The winner will receive a trophy to illustrate their achievements at the office.

Best Truck Stop

A truck stop can be nominated for the amenities and services that they supply drivers to support them in being the safest drivers on the road. In particular, attention will be paid to facilities that promote driver wellbeing. They too will receive a trophy to display at their premises as a symbol of their commitment to safe drivers.

To enter the Fleet Safety Awards 2023, follow this link: https://www.masterdrive.co.za/fleet-safety-awards/

The first round of entries will close on 18 July 2023 but the sooner you complete this entry, the more time there is to enter the more extensive second round – thus do not waste time and enter now!