Fleet Safety Awards 2023: Up to R100 000 in prizes

With approximately R100 000 in prizes ‘up for grabs’ the 2023 Fleet Safety Awards which were officially launched on 6 June 2023. During the launch, MasterDrive revealed the brand-new entry site which will considerably simplify the process of entering, judging, and auditing. It will also become your source of everything you need to know about the Awards.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says, along with the new categories*, this is one of the most monumental developments in the 2023 Awards. “Many hours were spent building a site that is user-friendly and intuitive. Those who stand to benefit the most from the new site are the entrants and judges who can assess entries without any difficulty. Even selecting their final score is simplified.

“Following the prolific and impressive success of last year’s Awards, the team identified areas that could be improved and set to work making the Awards better and smoother. While the Awards were enthusiastically supported, we were determined to improve the process as a whole.”

The site alone is not the only addition. “The ability to upload supporting documents was added to the site. Consequently, entrants need only provide a short description or motivation and upload their documents to support their answer.

“While this reduces the time spent answering questions in the second round, it also has advantages for the judges. Not only are lengthy answers avoided but they can peruse documents supporting and verifying data provided. The site is intended to create a win-win situation where all involved with the awards can experience a greatly simplified, accurate and simply better overall process.”

MasterDrive looks forward to using the new site. “We were in awe of the 110 entries received during the inaugural Awards, where each entrant provided thorough answers and showed their clear dedication to road safety. The Fleet Safety Awards is our way of giving back to individuals playing an essential role on our roads. Now the site ensures it is a excellent experience from start to finish,” says Herbert.

You can submit your entry following this link: https://fleetsafetyawards.co.za/signup

This will require you to create a profile which will allow you to receive a unique identifier. All entrants are kept anonymous as an extra step to ensure fair and equal awards.

Once you receive your unique identifier you can enter the first round. Once completed, the organisers will assess entries to identify those that qualify for the second round. Qualifying entrants will be notified of their successful entry into the next round.

Additionally, the profile will allow you to save your answers midway through answering. Once you return, simply log back into your profile and complete your entry.

There are deadlines associated with each stage. Remember though, the sooner you enter the more time you have to complete the second round. Thus, you will receive notice of your successful entry within three to five days of submitting and consequently, the time you have to complete the second round depends on you. The power to have more time to complete your entry is within your hands.

Fleet Safety Awards deadlines and timeline:


Completion date

Open entries

06 June 2023

First round closes

18 July 2023

Final two weeks to complete the second round starts

19 July 2023

Second round closes

02 August 2023

Judging closes

11 August 2023

Results sent for auditing

12 August 2023

Top finalists receive invites to the Fleet Safety Awards

17 August 2023

Fleet Safety Awards event

7 September 2023

 MasterDrive and their partners encourage every organisation that plays an instrumental role in improving road safety, to enter the Awards. Additionally, share the link with any organization that deserves to be recognised for their efforts.

Goodluck to every organisation and individual entering the Fleet Safety Awards. We greatly anticipate and look forward to recognising those that prioritise road safety.

*More information will be provided on the new categories this week and information can also be found on the Fleet Safety Awards entry site.