Energy revolution commitment reinforces confidence in the UK capability

The commitment to electric vehicle infrastructure announced today reinforces confidence in the UK’s capability and is key to maintaining the UK’s position as a global leader in the transition to net-zero carbon emission vehicles say the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). 

This investment of more than £350 million in electric vehicle charging infrastructure sends a positive signal and will be a great support to the market transition in the UK. 

In 2022, the UK had the second highest battery electric car sales in Europe, bringing the total number of plug-in vehicles on UK roads to over one million licensed, of which around 60% are battery electric. Charging infrastructure is crucial to ensure an efficient transition to net-zero carbon emissions.  

The Powering Up Britain - Energy Security Plan recognises the importance of creating the right conditions and supporting investment as the industry transitions to new energy vehicles. The APC will continue to support UK businesses and investors with the goal of anchoring the new supply chain at scale and pace.