Evtec Automotive invests 25 years making each component
  • Electric vehicle parts supply specialist Evtec Automotive lays out a typical 25-year vehicle lifecycle component requirements
  • Supporting UK’s expanding EV industry with key components
  • Company committed to employing people with varying disabilities, creating value for social good and driving to a zero-emissions future

Evtec Automotive, an electric vehicle focused automotive parts supply specialist, has revealed the logistical requirements of supporting a typical vehicle lifecycle of 25 years.

Manufacturers’ need for components typically begins at least two full years before Job 1, the first vehicle to come down the production line. Following the vehicle launch components are then required for both vehicle production and aftermarket sales – where dealerships and independent garages need spare parts for vehicle repair and maintenance. A vehicle is typically supported with spare parts and tooling for a full 15 years after the production run ends.

Evtec, the recently formed Coventry-based Tier 1 supplier makes car parts for many of the major players in the UK automotive sector with a clear focus on supporting the growing electric vehicle sector. Relaunched under new management in 2021, Chairperson David Roberts brings an ethical, sustainable approach to the business. Evtec produce over 250,000 individual components per month across 156 live production assemblies and 450 aftermarket kits. Available to build from stock and in the supply chain, ready to be called back into production at any time are a further 700 assemblies. Each of these subassemblies can have long and complex bills of materials sourced from suppliers around the world. They also often require complex tooling, bespoke to each vehicle part. Battery cooling systems, for example demand millimeter perfect pipework that twists and threads its way through the vehicles’ neatly packaged powertrain.

Kevin Hubbard, Managing Director Evtec Automotive “We are immensely proud of our ability to support the full 25-year product lifecycle of a vehicle, from inception to production and through to supplying the crucial aftermarket phase. This is testament to the team we have working here at Evtec and that of our supply chain”. He continued, “We are building a very capable team with purpose. That is our ethos. We are employing more people with barriers to work, including disability, we value everybody's unique skillset , driving profit to create social value and making the planet a better place for our children and grandchildren. It can’t get any better.”


Evtec’s 80,000 sq. ft plant has long employed disabled people. Originally it was part of Remploy, a scheme formerly sponsored by the Department of Work and Pensions where it was dedicated to employing disabled people in an environment ‘sheltered’ from the competitive pressures of the open employment market. Evtec Group have built on this model and grown the business in a competitive environment employing people with barriers to traditional work environments.