Mercedes-Benz Vans South Africa Introduces the New 517 Sprinter Panel Van

Mercedes-Benz Vans South Africa is pleased to announce the launch of the 517 Sprinter Panel Van, which will be available from February 2023.

The 517 Sprinter lineup will supersede the former 516 Sprinter lineup, with the key enhancement being a new, state-of-the-art OM654 engine. Thanks to this upgrade in engine technology, the 517 Sprinter will receive a 5kW increase in engine output as well as improved fuel efficiency.

The all-aluminium OM654 diesel engine represents top-of-the-range mechanics for outstanding handling dynamics. It impresses with its powerful drive, exemplary efficiency and low noise and vibration levels. Thanks to its improved performance, the 517 Sprinter provides top-tier businesses with the ideal vehicle to transport goods more efficiently whilst reducing their environmental impact. Meanwhile, the 517 Sprinter’s superbly smooth and quiet drive makes it the vehicle of choice to give passengers a first-class shuttling experience. Complete with that ready-for-anything spirit that the Sprinter is so well known for, the updated 517 Sprinter gives discerning business owners access to a utility vehicle that is more powerful, fuel-efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly than ever before.

The key innovations of the new OM654 engine include:

  • Increased rated output and torque
  • A remarkably compact and lightweight engine design, thanks to a full-aluminium housing and an innovative placement of engine equipment.
  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, due to the inclusion of steel pistons with combustion bowls, NANOSLIDE® cylinder coating and fourth-generation common-rail injection.
  • Low heat losses and favourable running conditions, owing to the placement of the exhaust-gas-cleaning technologies, close to the engine, for improved temperature management and efficiency.

Marinus Venter, the Head of Product and Marketing for Mercedes-Benz Vans South Africa, says, “We are immensely excited to be updating our popular Sprinter 516 Panel Van lineup with this next-generation of engine technology. The Sprinter 517 will give fleet owners access to even greater efficiencies whilst maintaining all the innovative safety, comfort and quality that Mercedes-Benz is so well known for.”

516 Sprinter vs. 517 Sprinter engine comparison, at a glance:


516 Sprinter Panel Van (Standard)

517 Sprinter Panel Van (Standard)


OM651 DE22 LA

OM654 DE20 LA

Emission standard

Euro V


Rated output

120 kW at 3800 rpm

125 kW at 3800 rpm

Rated torque

380Nm at 1400–2400 rpm

400Nm at 1700–2400 rpm

517 Sprinter technical data, at a glance:

Vehicle width above folded-in exterior mirrors

2175 mm

Vehicle length

5932 mm

Vehicle height

2331 mm


3550 kg

Max. load compartment length

3272 mm

Max. load compartment height

2079 mm

Max. load compartment area

5.539 m2

Max. load compartment volume

11 m3

The 517 Sprinter is tailored to take businesses to the next level, with its remarkable versatility, trendsetting image and reliability, created for business owners who are driven for success.

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