Expand your luggage capacity with Thule’s range of rooftop cargo carriers

Thule, the Swedish manufacturer of vehicle accessories, offers a range of rooftop cargo carriers that are a great way of expanding the load carrying capacity of any vehicle, with solutions ranging from 300 to 610 litres.

The use of a rooftop cargo carrier offers a number of advantages over conventional load carrying systems such as trailers due to the fact that they can be utilised on a wider variety of vehicles and there is no licensing requirements.

A rooftop cargo carrier is also much easier to store when not in use throughout the year and when you reach your holiday destination, where parking can often be limited.

Rooftop cargo carriers are also a much safer option both in terms of overall driving as well as the way in which your belongings are secured, all while having a minimal effect on your vehicles fuel consumption. In addition if you are the kind of motorist who changes cars often, Thule have affordable mounting options that will allow you to easily utilise your existing rooftop cargo carrier on subsequent vehicles.

Rooftop cargo carriers are ideal for larger, bulkier items such as golf clubs, strollers and beach equipment, the volume of which can quickly fill a normal cars boot and leave no space for anything else. Packing items into softer luggage such as duffle bags is also a great way of utilising every available litre that these rooftop cargo carriers offer.

Thule offer a wide variety of rooftop cargo carriers catering for those that need a little bit of extra space or for those that like to pack everything and the kitchen sink when going on holiday.

The Thule Pacific M offers a no frills simple, yet functional, way of expanding your vehicles load carrying capacity, with 310 and 410 litre volume options, a 50kg load carrying capacity and single sided opening.

The Thule Force XT M is a versatile roof mounted cargo-box that is ideal for everyday use and the first in a trio of 75kg options. DualSide opening provides easy access to all areas of the box, from either side of the vehicle. The box itself weights just 16,4kg but it is capable of swallowing between 300 and 420 litres of luggage or equipment, depending on the specific model.

The Thule Motion XT is available in five different sizes in either a glossy silver or glossy black finish that offer load swallowing ability between 300 and 610 litres in a stylish design that will not look out of place on sleek sedans or sporty SUVs.

The Thule Vector range is available in 360, 380 and 430 litres models and perfectly pairs performance styling with premium features. An elegant, sporty design that incorporates seamless integration of the lid and base adds a distinctive look to any car. Inside the Vector offers a premium interior with a felt lined base for increased gear protection, while a white-coloured interior lid and LED light makes for easier loading and unloading in the dark.

While picturing how much luggage or gear will fill a 610 litre space can be tricky, comparing that to the boot size of some of South Africa’s most popular vehicles provides some perspective. The boot capacity of a Toyota Fortuner, with the third row of seats in the upright position only measures 296 litres, while a Volkswagen Polo has space for 351 litres of luggage. SA’s smallest real 4x4, the Suzuki Jimny, can only accommodate 83 litres with the rear seats raised. The Hyundai Tucson offers one of the biggest boots currently available in the family SUV class, measuring 620 litres. What this means in real terms is that even with Thule’s smallest rooftop cargo offering one can easily double the luggage carrying capacity of the average South African car.

All Thule’s rooftop cargo carriers offer full access to the boot and are easy and securely mounted onto the vehicles roof rails, should they need to be removed or reattached once you reach your holiday destination. The cargo carriers are easy to open and close by design thanks to well-located handles and supporting lifters. Thule’s SlideLock system, with separate locking and opening functions, automatically locks the lid in place and indicates when the box is closed securely.

All Thule rooftop cargo carriers are covered by a five-year warranty.

Thule’s wide range of rooftop cargo carriers, bicycle racks, accessories and luggage are available from Thule Concept stores located throughout South Africa.