Fuel Saving with Woodford Car Hire

Fuel prices are rising without any sign of dropping back down any time soon.

In times like these, it becomes even more relevant to understand how and where we can preserve or save fuel.

Vehicles that can get by using as little fuel as possible have become invaluable sources of mobility, not merely economically but environmentally as well.

As a result, Woodford has also adopted the advent of hybrid electric models into our fleet of vehicles to benefit this. Regardless of what you drive, it’s how you drive that truly matters - small changes in your driving habits can earn you a few more kilometers.

- Accelerate gently.

Your dad was right all along when he said pretend there’s an egg under the accelerator. Gradual acceleration allows the car to maximise its building momentum to get your car going and therefore requires less fuel energy to do so.

- Fill up your tank early in the morning.

When the ambient temperature drops before the day warms up, fuel is more chemically dense than it normally is, which means when you fill up you get a little bit more for your money.

- ... or don’t fill up at all.

If your driving consists largely of stop-start city driving, filling your tank to the brim may mean that you’re lugging around the unnecessary weight of half a tank of fuel, which can sometimes be up to 40kg. If you are often within reach of a fuel station, filling up half-way and more often means your car doesn’t need to work as hard to get you around. Alternatively, Woodford’s range of electric and hybrid vehicles use such a minor amount of fuel, you needn’t worry about range anxiety the next time you need to fill up.

- Brake gently and early.

Braking turns your precious fuel into heat energy. Gentle acceleration coupled with gentle braking means your car only uses the most efficient amount of energy to move and stop, saving you fuel.

Thankfully, Woodford’s fleet of vehicles are new and kept in pristine condition, and with the addition of our electric and hybrid range, any vehicle rented from our range of cars gets you the best fuel economy possible!