Why hijack management training makes a difference

The crime statistics for the fourth quarter of 2021 reveals a concerning increase in the number of hijacked vehicles. While it is difficult to draw an accurate comparison due to the effect of lockdown, it is clear that the increase is cause for concern either way. Other studies conducted during the same period confirm a similar increase in their own statistics and reveal additional data that provide more insight.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says it was revealed that there is a considerable increase in vehicles that are targeted for the goods being transported as opposed to the vehicles themselves. “This is a clear indication that while every driver needs to be cautious, businesses, in particular, are receiving increased unwanted attention from carjackers.

“In particular, fast-moving consumable goods, which includes products such as milk, fruit, vegetables beer and over-the-counter drugs, are those at highest risk. As criminals begin to target these businesses increasingly, and these organisations also face more pressure with rising fuel prices, it could be considered a fool's errand to ignore these statistics.”

While it may be tempting to shrug off what seems to be an impossible challenge and rather focus on ones that seem more conquerable, it is worthwhile asking how to mitigate hijack risk for your drivers and vehicles. “Carjacking is certainly a difficult risk to allay, because there is no sure-fire way to guarantee an escape from this fate.

“You can, however, take measures to teach drivers to be aware of situations that place them at risk and everyday situations that carry more risk. While it is impossible to guarantee your business will never fall victim, if you establish your company as one that is not an easy target, it can considerably reduce risk and consequences.”

As a fleet manager, however, you may be left wondering how exactly to do this. “The answer is the same as if you were asking how to reduce crashes. A training course designed to prevent carjackings as far as possible and then teach drivers how to react should they face this unfortunate circumstance, is how to equip drivers and empower your business against criminals.

“It is based on these principles that MasterDrive developed their hijack management course. With data collected from those who commit crime, those who assist victims and those who’ve experienced it first-hand, a specialised training course was developed to teach drivers how to reduce their risk.”

The first step is in creating awareness in all situations as it can make all the difference. “The same data revealed carjackings tend to be higher on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is an example of how knowledge of when increased awareness can be valuable. The training also teaches drivers about high-risk situations, where letting your guard down can go wrong and various other situational clues that can affect your actions and potentially help avoid a carjacking.

“Should all else fail, then the safety of your drivers and removing them from this perilous situation becomes the priority. There are basic tips and techniques that drivers can make part of everyday routines that will become second nature and potentially contribute to personal safety should they be hijacked.”

In South Africa, carjackers are a reality of everyday business. “Taking steps to reduce potential exposure to this while increasing physical safety in a carjacking are just as important as any other skill that you would equip drivers with,” says Herbert.

MasterDrive is hosting a hijack management workshop on 1 April 2022. If you would like your drivers to attend this virtual session, contact MasterDrive by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 086 110 0618 for more information and pricing on the session.