SAPICS Newsflash - March 2022

As 2022 continues to steam roller through our lives we are so thrilled to see so many individuals and organisations joining this vibrant, valuable and exciting SAPICS community. We are delighted to welcome our new members and are forever grateful to all our existing members.

The volume of people now realising that effective supply chain management is a force to be reckoned with is exciting to see.  

Supply Chain education is more in demand now than ever before and people are realising the value in the investment in this education. We’ve known this all along of course but it’s wonderful to see everyone catching up with us.

We look forward to seeing what the next quarter will bring. One thing we know is that the 44th SAPICS Annual Conference will be taking place in person during this time. Check the newsflash below for information on how to get involved. After so much time being so distant from each other it will be wonderful to reconnect.

Here’s to a safe road ahead. We know it will be bumpy but together we can be so much stronger than separately.  Community really does matter.

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