Road Freight Association: Attacks against the trucking industry must stop now
By Gavin Kelly – Chief Executive Officer: The Road Freight Association

Once again, the road freight and logistics industry is being held ransom and attacked by parties who are unhappy with conditions or matters within the sector. The Road Freight Association (RFA) has repeatedly called on the SAPS to protect the lives and health of our drivers, to protect the vehicles and cargoes of our members and to ensure that, whilst there is the right to highlight and discuss issues,  that the blatant disregard of anyone else's right to safety, security, employment and the opportunity to operate a business for the betterment of all cannot be tolerated.

Those employers that are not registered with the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI) must be dealt with. Those officials who are open to bribery and corruption, who refuse to perform their duties in terms of the mandates given to the various Departments, must be censured or disciplined.

We cannot continue to absorb these attacks:  the compliant operators are being continually attacked and pushed out of the sector. South Africa is losing any sense of safety and efficiency in terms of moving goods through the country to the ports. We are beginning to feel the backlash from neighbouring countries. We MUST fix this NOW!