mahle-e6a9-40b2-96a4-f154893ed23c_copy.jpgMAHLE South Africa, a subsidiary of the MAHLE Group, operates in the automotive industry, specializing in the development, manufacturing and distribution of engine components, filtration systems and thermal management solutions, providing products and services to various automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as the aftermarket.

One of MAHLE South Africa’s objectives is to contribute to sustainable mobility through innovative technologies and solutions as well as promoting an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.

MAHLE and CASME’s Science2Go programme provides science resources and materials for primary, secondary and tertiary education.

The South Africa Department of Labour has identified that the skills shortage related to technicians, artisans and skilled labourers is particularly high. To address this, MAHLE has collaborated with the Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education (CASME) to develop STEM subjects at schools in the rural and under-resourced areas.

This led to Science2Go, an initiative by CASME and MAHLE, that brings science equipment and laboratory kits to schools, empowering science educators to demonstrate and facilitate practical, experiential learning based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) curriculum, with a view to improving learner performance in Physical and Natural Science. The project features Teacher Workshops and in school co-facilitation that builds the skills and capacity of teachers to embed practical science activities in their teaching. Furthermore, the project includes the distribution of career, subject choice and study information relating to STEM.

MAHLE’S commitment and dedication to these projects and the Public Relations excellence associated with these ventures has been recognised by International Public Relations Association (IPRA) which is the leading global network for PR professionals.

The IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence (GWA), are a testament to excellence in the public relations industry and is hosted by the IPRA. These awards recognise exceptional achievements in various PR categories and honours campaigns aligned with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, showcasing the positive impact of PR beyond organisational boundaries.

The Science2Go project, has emerged as victorious in the Corporate Responsibility category. This remarkable achievement reflects MAHLE’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility and driving positive change in under-resourced communities.

Jolene van Heerden, MAHLE SA’s Communications Manager, attended the prestigious Gala Ceremony in Barcelona to receive the award. “Receiving recognition at this level is immense,” says van Heerden, “this has been a team effort and what makes it all the more worthwhile, is that benefits of this project are almost palpable and we have seen such tremendous growth since we started in 2015.”

‘When we started with Science2GO we only had one vehicle servicing 30 schools that impacted on approximately 15 000 learners and 150 teachers,” comments van Heerden, “in 2023, Science2Go now runs 10 vehicles, attends to 310 schools impacting on 150 000 learners and 1135 teachers!”

The recognition garnered from this award has gained significant international exposure for MAHLE and has reinforced their dedication to advancing STEM fields in underprivileged communities, as well as underscoring the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility and enhancing its reputation as an organisation that truly makes a difference.