OMODA announces strategic partnership with Planet Fitness

OMODA, the rising star in the automotive industry, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Planet Fitness, one of South Africa's most renowned fitness brands.

This innovative collaboration aims to enhance the well-being of OMODA vehicle owners by providing them with access to a healthier lifestyle at Planet Fitness clubs, all while enjoying significant cost savings. 

Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager at OMODA SA, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "OMODA is delighted to join forces with Planet Fitness to offer our vehicle owners and dealership networks the opportunity to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This initiative underscores our commitment to delivering innovation, value, and rewards to our customers."

This partnership, valid from now until Mid-December 2023, includes the following benefits for OMODA owners:

  • 2-Week Guest Access: OMODA owners can access any Planet Fitness franchise nationwide for a complimentary initial  2-week guest pass.
  • Zero Activation Fee: OMODA owners will enjoy waived activation fees when signing up for a Planet Fitness membership.
  • New Members to Planet Fitness: Will receive an in-app 21 Day Fitness App from Planet Fitness, which includes a complimentary Kick-Start Program and other content for their fitness journey. 

Furthermore, this deal extends its benefits to Planet Fitness customers interested in purchasing a new OMODA vehicle, offering a R3000 Deal Assistance.

Eligibility for these exclusive benefits is straightforward. OMODA customers need to present their vehicle logbook when visiting a Planet Fitness club, while Planet Fitness members must provide their membership number when visiting an OMODA dealership.

Liu adds, "Our goal is to encourage all our OMODER’s to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This partnership aligns seamlessly with our O-Life philosophy: The O-Life advocates for a future life scene that combines high-tech with green, low-carbon, environmental protection, and energy-saving principles, representing the smart ecology and smart life of the future. The 'O' in OMODA represents Oxygen, the essential element of life, and 'MODA' comes from 'Modern,' signifying a modern and fashionable lifestyle."

As OMODA embarks on this partnership, the brand remains committed to inspiring every OMODER to live life fully.

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