Ahead of the reveal of the new PEUGEOT 3008 in September 2023, camouflaged prototypes will be on the roads of Europe this summer to apply the final touches. PEUGEOT is launching an operation on social media to mark the occasion. The general public will be able to choose the design of the camouflages that will be used on this long-awaited new model.

ALLURE: PEUGEOT is protecting the confidentiality of the new 3008 with Allure.

EMOTION: PEUGEOT is getting design enthusiasts involved in the launch of the new 3008.

EXCELLENCE: PEUGEOT is embedding its design expertise into every detail of the development process.

For the international launch of the new 3008, PEUGEOT has decided to put its best foot forward in every way. Camouflage is an essential phase in the life of an automotive product. Its sole purpose is to conceal the vehicle's bodywork and protect its confidentiality before its launch. Peugeot is breaking the mould to turn this key stage into a communication tool by letting the general public actively participate for the first time in the choice of camouflages for its future 3008.

Details of the PEUGEOT #CAMOCATCH Operation

The PEUGEOT designers have created 10 new, high impact and innovative camouflage patterns, which can conceal the details of the new PEUGEOT 3008's feline forms while at the same time stirring emotions thanks to an inspired and optimistic graphic design approach that proves that "The world is a much better place with Allure"!

Phase 1

From 15th to 31st of May, PEUGEOT is launching a communication campaign on social media and inviting the general public to choose their favourite camouflage(s) from among 10 options designed by PEUGEOT designers.

To do this, all you have to do is vote on the brand's social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The 6 camouflages that receive the most votes will be produced in June and will be used to cover the new PEUGEOT 3008s that will be taking part in the open road testing this summer.

Phase 2

Between the 1st of July and the 15th of August, the new PEUGEOT 3008 camouflaged cars will set off to meet you on the roads of Europe. We are inviting anyone lucky enough to see a camouflaged PEUGEOT 3008 to take a photo of it (in compliance with safety regulations) and post the picture on the PEUGEOT accounts with the hashtag #CAMOCATCH.

A selection of participants who have published images of this all-new camouflaged vehicle will be invited to come and drive it exclusively in early 2024.

Peugeot has been implementing a strategy of collaborations and partnerships with young designer artists since the beginning of 2023. This time, the Brand’s collaboration is extended to an international audience to promote Peugeot's design know-how to a maximum number of people.