Mind the gap: A case study of China’s aftermarket transformation in the EV era

Harson Group - Ms Zhou Yin Yin, Group Vice President

  • Founded in 1998 as an independent aftermarket operator
  • Approximately 300 stores across China
  • Spinning off from the traditional aftermarket, the company recently established an EV division with over 100 stores that can cater for new energy after-sale services
  • Partnerships with more than 20 OEMs

As the world’s largest automotive industry, it is no surprise that China is also dominating global EV market shares. Recent statistics reveal that the country produced approximately 1.3 million EVs and sold an estimated 1.3 million units in the first quarter of 20221. The future paints an even stronger picture with half of the world’s 20 million EV units on China’s roads by 20252.

However, with the technological and mechanical disparities of EVs (compared to traditional fuel vehicles), it is only natural that industry-wide transformations are unfolding across the supply chain. Yet many sectors are advancing at different speeds. For instance, demands for EV after-sales services are far exceeding the supply and capacity of existing stores.

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