Dayco introduces HT power carbon industrial timing belts for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive and aftermarket industries, is also a major player in the industrial sector where it supplies both V-belts in single, banded and double angle versions, and timing belts in imperial, as well as metric specifications.

However, due to the extreme demands of high torque/high power applications and the call from the R&D teams working with this equipment, Dayco’s engineers have designed and developed a new timing belt – HT Power Carbon – that fulfills the requirements of these high-performance machines and complements its existing HT Power and HT Power Plus offerings.

The new addition has its origins in Dayco Racing, where the company supplies timing belts for high-performance applications and encompasses features, such as PTFE coated teeth and high-strength internal cords, similar in design to Dayco HT ‘white’ timing belts that are supplied as original equipment to vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

However, these features have been further enhanced to incorporate a Carbon hybrid cord, specific tooth profile (G Profile) and aramid fibers HNBR rubber, to make it the strongest, most flexible, most heat and oil resistant and durable timing belt available for high performance applications.

These attributes mean HT Power Carbon offers a level of performance and safety to enable roller chain replacement, V-belt conversion and provide the final drive solution in a host of micro-mobility applications and CNC machines. As a result, sectors including materials handling, food manufacture, wood/pulp/paper processing, logistics, off-highway and agriculture all now have a high-performance product on which they can rely.

Underlining its status as the ultimate high performance timing drive solution, HT Power Carbon belts come individually packed in high quality and distinctive packaging, reflecting Dayco’s globally recognized corporate branding. Naturally, the range is fully supported in terms of marketing material and technical specifications and product data is available through the industrial section of the company’s global website, where accurate identification and application reference information can also be found through the superb webcat catalogue facility.

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