Compensation Fund Assistance: Expert services and assistance for employers.

For years NEASA has kept employers updated on the disastrous state of the Compensation Fund, lobbied against additional red-tape by virtue of legislative amendments, rules and regulations concerning the Fund, and interacted directly with the Department of Employment and Labour and the Compensation Fund Commissioner, with the goal of bettering this dysfunctional institution.

As this campaign continues, NEASA, in the meantime, wishes to bring employers good news with regard to real assistance by ensuring that employers are categorised correctly and do not overpay on their Fund contributions, or where they have overpaid in the past, to ensure recovery of such overpayments and corrections going forward.

NEASA has a longstanding co-operative relationship with a specialist service provider and herewith urge employers to utilise these expert services, to ease the administrative and financial headaches of dealing with the Compensation Fund.

This service offering assists employers with, and facilitates, the following processes:

  • review of COID setup environment to achieve future saving;
  • registration of new employers with the Compensation Fund;
  • filing and re-filing of employers’ annual Return of Earnings (ROE);
  • obtaining Letter of Good Standing (LOGS) from the Compensation Fund;
  • calculation of and ensuring correctness of ROE figure declarations, in order to avoid overpayment;
  • assistance with the refunding of credits/overpayments;
  • assistance to employers ensuring that they are correctly classified;
    • performance of the reclassifications of employers to the correct subclass and applicable rate;
  • assistance with Compensation Fund audits performed on employers; and
  • assistance with claims-related issues.

The above services culminating in actual savings for employers, past and future, and are performed on a ‘no-success, no-fee’ basis.

The complexities of interacting with the Compensation Fund should not burden you and your business any longer.

If you are interested in using this service, please call 012 332 5350 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..