Amendments to the Employment Equity Act designation status and definition

The Employment Equity Act (EEA) requires that all ‘designated employers’ submit their annual reports to the Department of Employment and Labour.

In short, the definition of a ‘designated employer’ currently states that an employer is designated, if they employ more than 50 employees; or, employ less than 50 employees, but has a total turnover equal to or above the industry threshold in terms of Schedule 4 of the Act (click here).

The Amendment Bill to the EEA will remove the industry turnover thresholds, thereby reducing the regulatory burden of employers with less than 50 employees to submit their annual EE reports.

The option to voluntarily comply with the EEA as if they were ‘designated’, will also be removed for non-designated employers.

Employers with more than 50 employees will still need to comply with the Act and duties of a ‘designated employer’.

NEASA Labour Compliance offers assistance with the employment equity process, including submitting your annual reports to the Department of Employment and Labour, and advice on EE matters.

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