Stay safe this holiday

The Road Safety Partnership South Africa (RSP-SA) is encouraging all drivers to exert extra precaution as many schools near their winter school holidays. While the July holidays may not be as notorious as the December and Easter breaks for car crashes, a study by the North West University identified July as one of the months with the highest number of car accidents.

Thus, as South Africans heads into a period where many may be on the roads for a quick break from school and work, the RSP-SA cautions drivers to be careful and on their best driving behaviour. “Let this be a time to remember and not one of regret and sadness. Do everything within your power to change the statistics, such as staying calm on the road and avoiding reckless driving like overtaking on a white line.

“Every holiday season, road fatality statistics show us the same causes for the tragedies on our roads. Rather than look at these statistics with regret, anger or sadness, listen to what it says. Think of the driver who became irritated and drove recklessly, or the driver who got behind the wheel after a few drinks thinking it would be okay, or the one that ignored his fatigue or the driver that picks up his phone for a few seconds.”

When the government releases these statistics, they are not just there for us to shake our heads at. “Each driver should look at them and take heed. Is it possible you are guilty of committing one of these offences? Now, as you are about to embark on another journey, should you be making a commitment to yourself, to your family and to society, to not commit that offence again?

“The RSP-SA encourages each driver to make the changes to their own driving that will keep them safe on the roads and hopefully prevent a repeat of the concerning road fatality statistics that we see each holiday. Instead of using these statistics to be angry at the government, or the numerous role players in society, let’s rather use it to guide our own driving behaviour.”

The RSP-SA wishes every driver on the roads during the school holidays, a safe and happy journey. “The power to change these statistics, in particular for your own family, lies in your own decision-making,” says the RSP-SA.