Credit Ombud Annual Report 2021

Following the uncertainty of 2020, most of us still felt the sense of that same uncertainty in 2021. 

The time to reflect was extended, and we were gifted more time to appreciate serenity, silence and solitude.

It reminds one of looking at a sand dune, quietly awaiting change – will the wind move the sand up, down, left or right?

While the calm lines and shapes in the desert paint a picture of calm, there is always that sense of uncertainty: what lies beneath?

And as we know, deserts are not devoid of life, but provide room to breathe. Even the plants give each other some space. We live in a time where we constantly search and fight for peace, yet a flower that blooms in the desert proves that adversity can be overcome.

If “limbo” is defined as a period of waiting in uncertainty, however, it was not one of inactivity or waiting for the Credit Ombud. Rather, it was one in which the Ombud took active steps to ward off uncertainty and a state of limbo – much as the desert dunes don’t stand still, but are unrelenting in their progress.

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