Mark your calendar for the annual general meeting of the East Cape Automotive Industry Forum

Since joining Dorbyl Automotive Systems in 2001, Johan Steyn has been an influential member of the South African automotive industry. Most notably, he played an instrumental role in the acquisition of Dorbyl Automotive Systems by Linde and Wiemann GmbH in 2013. Linde and Wiemann Group is a multi-national automotive component supplier with 17 manufacturing sites globally. He still holds the position of General Manager and serves on the Board of Linde and Wiemann RSA.

With a background in Industrial Engineering, Johan brings technical knowledge and industry insights to the AGM discussion. He will be speaking on the future of vehicle autonomy and how this could potentially impact both suppliers and manufacturers going forward. As Chairman of the South African Automotive Benchmarking Club, Johan will engage with the topic by also expanding on what needs to be considered going forward should the South African industry wish to remain competitive.

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