Reliability and on-time delivery of baked goods to market are key ingredients

AA Bakery, established in 1996, produces and distributes a selection of bread and rolls to convenience stores, government departments, catering suppliers, mines and general trade in the Gauteng Province. The bakery recently took delivery of 10 new TATA LPT 813 trucks, adding to the already 100-strong fleet of Tata trucks that work on a daily basis.

Quality and freshness are a necessary imperative for baked products. The reliable on-time delivery of baked goods to market is highly competitive with business operators in this industry working to tight deadlines, leaving little room for error. Of course, these are only some of the issues that bakeries need to consider when deciding on the best transport for their baked goods.

Efficient transportation ensures that bakeries meet the high standards required of this industry, and with the right trucks suppliers can ensure that their products are delivered in time. A delayed delivery due to unreliable transport can result in goods arriving too late at the supermarket, retailer or convenience store, which means that the bread and rolls are too late to be sold and may be returned to the supplier. Reliable delivery of these food staples to market is essential.

“Tata International Africa and AA Bakery have enjoyed a long-standing relationship that began in 1999 when the bakery purchased its first 10 Tata trucks that arrived in South Africa from India,” says Len Brand, CEO of Tata International Africa.

“The fleet has grown substantially since the business opened its doors. Supplying AA Bakery with the right vehicles for the important job at hand, product that is reliable and robust, has been an important aspect in enabling this customer to fulfil specific needs. We have worked hard to ensure that AA Bakery receives the crucial support to safeguard the trucks from experiencing minimal downtime. We have also certified and trained technicians to service and maintain the trucks at their premises. Our strategy of UPtime has been a critical factor in our mutual success.”

All of AA Bakery’s vehicles are maintained and serviced by a group of qualified on-site mechanics to ensure that cargo is ready to hit the road while bread and related products are straight out of the oven. Once the finished products are packaged, they enter one of the most critical points in the end-to-end process of delivering the goods to market, which is the loading of trucks with baked goods, for delivery on time, every day.

“AA Bakery caters for the all-important, efficient and reliable delivery of consumables such as bread and related goods to customers. Our business is an around-the-clock operation; hence UPtime is of utmost importance,” comments Ashen Ajoodha, CEO of AA Bakery.

“Bread is a staple food, and it must be delivered fresh; and for any successful bakery, it is vital to deliver on time, every time. Reliability is critical, and we cannot afford unexpected downtime with our trucks. We trust TATA trucks to deliver on its promise of UPtime, robustness and reliability,” Ajoodha added.

AA Bakery’s ethos of honesty, hard work and innovation continues to underpin its success, ensuring that the business continues to be one of the best independent suppliers of baked products.