Win with road safety commitment


It is well known that consuming foods that are high in sugar, as well as processed foods, result in drivers feeling tired, sleepy, and less alert. Even though the sugary high may feel pleasant for a few moments, the aftereffects tend to last a lot longer than the short spike creating significant knock-on consequences.

Consider a scenario where a long-haul motorist begins to feel sleepy behind the wheel of a vehicle. Training director at MasterDrive, Derek Kirkby, expands: “The motorist makes it to the nearest service station, and fuels up – ‘juice’ for the vehicle, a sugary drink and a sugary or highly processed snack for themself.

“Back on the road, the motorist quickly consumes the beverage and snack, and for a short period of time, they feels alert, pleasant and energised. Que the spike in blood sugar. And as with roller coasters, the law of gravity, and a variety of other tried and tested items on this topic – that which goes up, must come down.  And down it goes.”

The word ‘crashing’ aptly describes these effects as a rapid crash in blood sugar happens, draining the body of energy. “So where does this leave our motorist? Feeling tired, sleepy, possibly grumpy, and less able to focus, react, and concentrate on the road.

“Which feels counterintuitive for the great responsibility that all motorists shoulder when getting into any vehicle, be it on a long-haul trip to transfer goods across the country, or a short trip to the store. Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best chance at being alert, focused, and awake?”

To prevent this while driving, the objective should be selecting foods that provide stable energy levels, better focus and concentration, and more better moods. “Choosing foods that are natural, sustain energy levels, and that do not lead to the ‘spike-and-crash’ effect support this. Even if you do not have time to prepare such foods before you start driving, it is about making educated decisions when you do stop to buy food.

“There are healthy options available that can give you the right kind of energy and reduce the slump that can happen when sugary or unhealthy food choices are made. Getting behind the wheel is not only about making safe driving decisions but healthy food consumption choices because of the effect this can have on the safety of your driving,”says Kirkby.

Earthling Adventure Bars are snacks you can carry in the car with you that provide sustained energy. The bars are 100% natural, gluten, sugar, dairy and wheat free. It provides a good balance of protein, carbohydrate and natural fruit sugars that will sustain you in a healthy way. MasterDrive recommends making healthy and sustainable food choices when driving.  

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