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Partinform Bethlehem was legendary

The aBr team, newly kitted out in fresh white Partinform shirts and with aBr magazines and promotional banners in tow, bundled themselves into a similarly white and similarly versatile Nissan NV200 van before trekking down to Bethlehem in the Free State to cover the first Partinform components tradeshow of 2014.

The theme of the event was “Be a Legend” which stems from the association Partinform has developed with the Legends Racing Series, an exciting and affordable form of circuit racing that is gaining popularity in SA and around the world. One lucky winner from each Partinform event throughout the year will get behind the wheel of a Yamaha powered Legends Racing car come the final Partinform event of the year, to be held at the Red Star Raceway in Witbank.

Once again the Spot the Odd competition kept everyone’s eyes peeled as they visited each and every stand in the hopes of spotting an unusual or out of place item. Guests were seen frantically scribbling down notes as the evening progressed in order to make themselves eligible for the fantastic prizes that were in the offing.

New Chairman

Andrew Antonis, Country Manager at Tenneco is the new Partinform Chairman for 2014. He welcomed guests and thanked them for their support, saying the industry relied on all those that were present to thrive.

“I’m very excited to be the Partinform chairman for 2014 and I relish the challenge of being so,” says Antonis. “Colin and Andrew have done a great job in this role in the past and have set a solid foundation. I have big shoes to fill, but plan to continue to grow the association even more. We’ll make sure to keep the members interests at heart because they look after important brands. In 2014 we will continue to pursue training, particularly for the more informal traders that haven’t had access to quality parts and training in the past. Of course, we will always promote high quality locally produced parts. We realise the importance of supporting local industry and by doing so, we will create jobs. Local backup and support can also not be forgotten and, from a legal point of view, we want to stress the importance of CPA compliance.”

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Picture 1: Legendary welcome. Partinform members and guests were greeted warmly by the smiling promo girls. Once again, Partinform showed their support for local stock...

Picture 2: Legend in the making. Andrew Antonis, Country Manager at Tenneco is the new Partinform Chairman for 2014.

Picture 3: Legendary racing. “With regards to the Legends Racing Series, we want to keep the grand prize fresh and exciting,” says Antonis. “Again, we want to support local initiatives and local motorsport - and by extension - the local motorsport parts suppliers as well. Their interests go hand in glove with ours and we’d like to give our members and visitors a new spin where the grand prize is concerned. Being such an accessible and exciting racing series, it was a natural progression for us.”

Picture 4: Legendary sponsors. Partinform Bethlehem had four headline sponsors: Exide, Bosch, Fram and ATE. Each brand was given a two minute spotlight on the night, which allowed their brand representatives to inform the enthusiastic guests about their company history and background and explain the merits of quality replacement parts as well as the services they offer.

Picture 5: Legendary game show. The 10 registration entrants that made the finals. Six of the ten were randomly eliminated, and left the stage with a Partinform cap and Partinform mug. The remaining four then battled it out, answering a series of questions about exhibitors and the automotive parts industry.

Picture 6: Legendary competitor. The winner of the Legends Car Racing Experience was Gerrie Buitendag (right) of Maluti Diesel Services. In the quiz show, he was ably assisted by George Muller of Diesel-Electric Bethlehem. An ecstatic Gerrie told aBr that this was his first Partinform, and that he was astounded by the quality of both the stands and the visitors, which allowed him to network very effectively. He congratulated the Partinform organisers for such a well organised event, and when pushed to describe the event in one word his answer was “brilliant”.

Picture 7: Legendary read. aBr magazine proved to be a “Bestseller” on the night despite being free to the trade.

Picture 8: Legendary presence: Copies of aBr magazine were quickly scooped up from the aBr stand. Nothing odd about that!

Picture 9: Legendary turnout: Strong interest in the event was shown by the Bethlehem automotive business community.

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