GarageXpo India 2017 - Pre Register Your Visit!

GarageXpo India 2017 - Pre Register Your Visit!

Seize business opportunities of Indian automotive aftermarket @ GarageXpo India 2017!

The Indian automotive aftermarket has been growing at a steady pace and is expected to expand rapidly over the next five years. The value chain in India remains highly fragmented and there is a significant level of intermediation required for parts to reach end customers.

The production of parts is split between original equipment manufacturers (OEM), original equipment suppliers (OES) and generic manufacturers. The poor condition of roads and, consequently, the increased wear and tear of automobile parts are heightening the need for vehicle maintenance in India. Along with the country's rapidly emerging status as the manufacturing hub for global automakers, this is strengthening the automotive aftermarket in India.

We are thrilled to announce a brand-new show at Tyrexpo India 2017 – GarageXpo India 2017! Co-located with Tyrexpo India, the inaugural edition will serve as a dedicated gathering point for the automotive aftermarket communities in India, showcasing the latest automotive repair and maintenance equipment, technology, trends and challenges ahead. With this, you can expect to see greater synergy in buyer’s group.

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