Electric Avenue

Vehicle Review

By Howard Keeg

Electric Avenue

One of my favourite songs is Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue”, which came out in 1983, and it referred to Electric Avenue in the south London district of Brixton, which was the first market street to be lit by electricity

Grant was also referring to the Brixton riots of 1981, and his choice of vehicle in his music video was a motorcycle. I prefer to ignore the violence inherent in the lyrics, and to rather focus on the beat of the music. To enjoy the music, and to enjoy the streets, my choice of steed, for a glorious five days, courtesy of MBSA, was a Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+. My choice of locale was the urban potholed streets of Sandton, and an extended drive to the platinised lines streets of Rustenburg. Only joking – the only platinised things in Rustenburg are the lang bene at lang bome. And my goal, oh yes, was to rock down to electric avenue, and then to take it higher.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS lineup is the marque’s going for the electric stars, and energising the S-class, with the latest and greatest gadgetry. This car is definitely not for the hoi polloi, who can only dream of things such as an enormous Hyperscreen touchscreen, six USB-C ports, and such esoteric things such as driver profiles based on fingerprint scans. With regard to mobility, you are not really driving a motor vehicle, but rather a large living room. Interior space is big, the interior is plush, and you are spoilt with things such as headrest pillows, massage functions, and neck-and-shoulder heating.

For the petrol heads, or should I say the wattage heads, the EQS450+ has an electric motor mounted on its rear axle that generates 245kW, and 568Nm of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 100 k/per hour in 6,2 seconds, and has a top speed of 210 k/per hour. It has a driving range of 635 km, and charging at home will take 11 hours and 45 minutes (0 to 635km), whilst a fast charge, at a charging station, will take 28 minutes (64 to 508 km). For the connoisseur, an oversea review says that “the EQS rides on an adaptive air suspension and rolls on rims that range in size between 19 and 21 inches. The EQS exhibits a quiet cabin and silken ride quality.” Of course, if you want real performance, you can go up the EQS scale, and get more oomph, at a financial cost. But, the EQS is not really about performance, it is about driving in style, at the cutting edge of technology.