FUCHS supports automotive OEMs in the Eastern Cape, and more
Jimmy Anthony, FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA branch manager, oiling the wheels of the economy from Mossel Bay to East London, and from Gqeberha to Colesberg

If it moves, it is highly likely that FUCHS makes high-grade lubricants and related specialties to assist in the process. Founded in 1931 as a family business in Mannheim, FUCHS is the world's largest independent supplier of innovative lubricant solutions, covering almost every industry and application. Now, nearly a century later, the company’s 6 000 employees in over 50 countries still share the same goal: To keep the world moving both sustainably and efficiently

The core of FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA approach to their customers is relationship management, and acting as an experienced consultant, innovative problem solver and reliable team partner. Naturally, FUCHS branch manager in Sidwell, Gqeberha, Jimmy Anthony, subscribes to this philosophy, when he services Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry in the Eastern Cape. In reference to his biggest OEM customer, Anthony waxes lyrical, “Volkswagen is a global customer, which underscores the importance of the sector. OEMs require reliable product supply and back-up for their 24/7 assembly lines. Volkswagen is a global customer, which underscores the importance of the sector.” To buttress this supportive approach, FUCHS Gqeberha branch has an 800 m² warehouse and maintains its stockholding on a four-month aggregate basis. In addition, FUCHS boasts IATF 16941 certification, a common automotive quality system requirement based on ISO 9001:2015.

Lubricant technology for the automotive industry is evolving due to alternative fuels, new technologies, sustainable exhaust gas treatment and extended replacement intervals. FUCHS has products for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and even motorcycles. These include engine oils, gear oils, central hydraulic or power steering fluids, multifunctional oils, service fluids and biodegradable lubricants. From developing the world's first 0W-20 engine oil in 2000 to the world's first special fluid for transfer cases with wet clutches and MB-APPROVAL 239.41 in 2021, namely TITAN TCF-1, innovation is key.

Having started his career in the lubricants industry in 1989 when he joined Century Oils William Penn, Anthony branched out into metalworking thanks to his strong engineering and technical background, and relocated to Port Elizabeth in 2019 as branch manager, overseeing growth in the region, and doubling growth during his five-year tenure. FUCHS is currently also exploring downstream opportunities in the automotive industry supply chain, which is music to Anthony’s ears.

During aBr’s visit to the Sidwell premises on 15 June 2023, we interrupted the annual stocktake, but Anthony gracefully set aside some time to discuss his passion – lubrication. This passion shone through with his animated explanations about wax flooding, which protects the chassis against water getting into cavities; new generation waxes, which can be applied at room temperature, and various other specialised developments and innovations around rust and corrosion prevention.

We left the interview with a new understanding of lubrication and its various uses, and I even managed to pronounce Gqeberha correctly, having being infused with soothing and smoothing properties.