Hino’s new 700 Series Truck goes big on technology

By Austin Gamble

Whether it is a male or a female driver, he knows, and she knows, that reliability is the name of the game when it comes to driving on South Africa’s challenging roads. Thus, the launch of the Hino 700 into the SA Extra Heavy Vehicle market segment is welcome news

As Anton Falck, vice president of Hino South Africa says, “On top of our trusty Hino 200, bread and butter 300, and the tough as Landcruiser Hino 500, we now offer a vastly improved extra heavy truck. We have very harsh conditions in southern Africa, and we did lots of development, including local development, in order to ensure that the Hino 700 is perfect to handle our harsh local conditions and tough legislative requirements.”

As Hino said in its press release in May 2023, the latest 700-Series is a major step up from its predecessors in terms of the extensive safety technologies that are offered as standard features. Built around the 410-450 horsepower offering, are four derivatives: Tipper, Freight Carrier, and 2 x Truck Tractors, with the 410 HP engine, and an option for 450 HP on the tractor. Exterior features include improved headlights, an in your face grille, and radar and camera. The interior has more space and more storage space, enhanced driver comfort features, and improved ergonomics, including a new interactive LCD driver display. From a safety perspective, there is a driver monitoring system, a pre-collision system, a lane departure warning system, and adaptive cruise control. The Hino 700 is also equipped with the latest Electronic Brake System. Add to this improved engine torque with Eco Drive Support, and the latest ZF TRAXON transmission with INTARDER 3, and you have a nice “little” package.

Koyo Goto, the chief engineer for the 700 Series, has this to say “We, at Hino Motors in Japan, have aimed to enhance safety through the adoption of active driver support systems and preventive safety systems, as well as improving driver comfort with a much quieter cab, and improved ride comfort. The new, high-functionality seats can accommodate a wider range of driver body heights in comfort which will reduce fatigue and improve driving efficiency. I am confident that we have succeeded in developing a truck that provides a safe and comfortable working environment.”

In addition, “The comprehensive telematics solution includes a three-year subscription from date of fitment and will be an important, additional tool to ensure we continue to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction,” says Anton Falck, “Hino’s Total Support strategy, which builds strong relationships and trust with all stakeholders, and has been the backbone of our success here in South Africa for many years, will benefit hugely from the data this system will now be able to provide to our customers, Hino South Africa and Hino Japan.”

Add pic: The new Hino 700 comes off line at the Prospecton plant on 2 June 2023