MICHELIN Connected Fleet Launched in South Africa

Michelin formally launched its world class MICHELIN Connected Fleet offering to the South African media and selected customers at a function in Sandton on 18 May 2023.

Connected Fleet is the moniker that brings together all the combined expertise of Michelin in terms of fleet connected solutions. This expertise has been garnered through a long-standing relationship with its customers, together with the Group's unique knowledge of driving behaviours and tyres/vehicles usages, and combined with its ability to leverage connected mobility data to support and help its customers in their decision-making.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet solutions are designed to provide tools and information that fleet operators and managers need to easily manage their fleets on a daily basis and transform their operational efficiency. MICHELIN Connected Fleet customers today represent approximately 300 million journeys per year across Europe, North America and South America – 70 000 customers, spanning 16 countries. As one of the leaders in connected mobility, the Michelin Group has more than 1.2 million vehicles under contract. MICHELIN Connected Fleet is leveraging this technological leadership to provide its customers with the key success insights and tools in order to reconcile their economic, human and environmental challenges. Speaking during the launch at an event titled Forefront of Fleet Management, Shivani Pillay, MICHELIN Connected Fleet country manager, said that “We are focused on helping fleet managers to accelerate their business with consultancy services, based on smart data and tools, which lead to better insights and visibility.” 

In other words, MICHELIN Connected Fleet transforms data into insights to act as a partner and transform fleet operations. The team is focused on helping to optimise fleet productivity, increase uptime, reduce operational costs, whilst also bolstering road safety and preventing accidents by providing valuable feedback on driving behaviours. MICHELIN Connected Fleet also provides tools to avoid risky situations, with a suite of configurable alerts and high security add-ons to increase security of goods transportation, a key necessity in the South African market. Highlighting MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s offer, Shivani Pillay adds, “Our offers stand out for delivering personalised consultancy from our team of MICHELIN Connected Fleet experts. It’s no longer enough just to provide access to fleet data; we have performance analysis embedded into our offering. This means we are perfectly placed to help customers master the management of their fleets and improve their operations.  Our analysis can help transporters be at the forefront of fleet management. We’re focused on adding value, at every stage.”

Today, as part of the Michelin Group, MICHELIN Connected Fleet aims to be the #1 global provider of connected solutions for fleets and as such, is expanding into new markets such as South Africa, a country with immense potential.