Export Marvel under Threat
This scenario will soon become a thing of the past, if our local mandarins continue with their foolhardy ways.

Vehicle Review

By Austin Gamble

In the previous issue of aBr, my colleague Howard Keeg described his momentous journey from Gauteng to the Eastern Cape, during March 2023, with a posse of new generation Rangers visiting and offloading material to the far outposts of the Xhosa empire. He gave the moniker togryer rangers to the intrepid bunch of travellers, and he waxed lyrical about the off-road abilities of the latest next-generation Ford Ranger Single Cab and Super Cab Models. Now, in this issue, it is my turn to rave about the urban abilities of my steed, the Ranger LXT bi-turbo 4x4 double cab.

I could give you chapter and verse about the delights of this vehicle, but when it was delivered to me there were far bigger things to consider than its great trappings, which has pushed it into number one spot on the local sales charts. The storm around South Africa’s subterfuge around supplying more than just vodka to the war mongering Russians, was top of mind, and local sales, whilst quite nice, is nothing when compared to the hefty advantages of export sales. Alas, the export of the Ranger, and other brands, is under threat, because the Americans, and the Europeans, have noticed the abominable behaviour of our abominable government, when it comes to their not so ethical conduct of foreign policy. It is indeed concerning, and must be contributing massively to the exponential sale of sleeping tablets to our local automotive CEOs. If we lose the not inconsequential benefits of trade agreements from our real friends in America and Europe, we can basically kiss goodbye to our automotive manufacturing base in this country. Maybe the comrades in the ANC believe that the void can be rapidly filled with Chinese supported local facilities, but they will be in for a rude awakening, because the strings that will be attached will make the slave trade look like altruism. However, a fool and his money are more easily parted that a fool and his ideology, so I look on with dread.