Proudly South African Media Launch
The event was held in Beverley, Johannesburg, on 27 May 2023

By Austin Gamble 

Youth Unemployment

When I received an invite to a Proudly South African media launch, I responded with alacrity. Who is more proudly South African than me?

The invite’s heading said, “Youth Unemployment …. Could this be the Turning Point?”, with this siren call, “The current state of South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is a cause for concern. As a result, we are taking action to create job opportunities to counteract the impact of job losses on the local economy. We believe it’s up to us to change the course of our country’s future through localisation. You can make a difference by attending the Proudly South African media launch, where we will be revealing our true impact as we continue with our Buy Local efforts as the Country’s Buy Local campaign.”

Bad grammar aside (thanks Angie), I could not agree more with the sentiments. Of course we should support our local manufacturers. Of course this will add to our employment rate. But of course this will be a slow process. I have a much quicker solution, which would provide rapid results – get rid of the current government and install an economically literate cabinet, which will follow a free market and business friendly philosophy – and voila, problem solved.