Future Energy: First Battery Celebrates the Magic of its Transformation

By Austin Gamble

On 23 August 2023, the Barnyard Theatre in Menlyn Park Pretoria, was full of energy, as the invited guests were treated to a rock show of note, in celebrating the transformation of First Battery

It was a rollicking show, prefaced by dynamic management presentations, outlining First Battery’s change strategy, and new routes to market, with the focus on “to survive and thrive.” Premised on the need to change, the strategy revolves around business sustainability, branding, market share, margins, and corporate culture; with the marketing mantra revolving around “Sell the Problem You Solve, Not the Product.” The guests heard about the opportunities created by a new age of energy, and the era of energy storage, and about First Battery’s strategy to create a future built on their strengths.

We also learnt that First Battery (FB) intends to build a downstream competitive advantage, and Dr Trilogy was thrilled to hear that FB believes that the customer is the most important part of their business, buttressed by a quote from Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, “To remain the industry Goliath, we need to think like the industry David.” Established in 1931, and celebrating 92 years of heritage, the future will be grounded on the new brand alignment around the First Battery name, and energised by the acronym CHARGED – Collaboration, Honesty, Adaptability, Recognition, Gratitude, Excellence, Driven; and purposed on Liberating Energy Everyday.