COVID-19: Mandatory Vaccination is "Crossing the Red Line" by Gerhard Papenfus

by Gerhard Papenfus

“One thing we are not going to do is force people to go and vaccinate”, was the undertaking given by the Deputy President, David Mabuza, a few days ago during a speech in Parliament.

The Deputy President confirmed that Government has no plans to introduce a mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy in South Africa, stating that doing this ...

... “would be crossing the ‘red line’.”

While Government will not introduce mandatory vaccination, the Deputy President referred to the regulations being introduced which will require businesses, based on a risk assessment, to introduce their own mandatory policies.

This statement by the Deputy President does not only illustrate moral weakness, but something very sinister.

If Government views mandatory vaccination inappropriate for its own employees, how can they allow private business to enforce it? If Government views the introduction of mandatory vaccinations as an act which crosses the red line, then surely Government cannot allow any of its citizens to engage in such conduct.

Government clearly does not have the moral strength to stand up to the monopolies, for whom financial gain is the only thing that counts; for whom the constitutional individual rights of their employees mean nothing, and who have completely lost their moral compass. Or is Government paralysed as a result of their commitments towards their globalist masters and pharmaceutical paymasters?

Whatever the case, it is all indicative of the moral bankruptcy of the entire vaccine-venture. 

Gerhard Papenfus is the Chief Executive of the National Employers' Association of South Africa (NEASA).