Government indiscretions in the time of Covid

Government indiscretions in the time of Covid

by Gerhard Papenfus

Dear employer

The latest Covid-19 restrictions have a severe impact on certain businesses situated in the affected areas.

These decisions are made by bureaucrats and politicians who do not forfeit a single benefit through the imposition of these measures. One can only wonder what anti-Covid measures would have looked like if the pockets of Government officials had been directly affected.

As it was the case throughout the last ten months, many of these measures simply do not make sense. However, this is what decisions look like when they are made by those who enjoy the benefits of our taxes, without appreciating the agony and persistent toil of the private sector, from where all taxes originate.

The harshness and disrespect towards entrepreneurs, as well as the lack of sound judgement by many of those who enforce these Covid-regulations, testify of a lack of appreciation for the role these entrepreneurs play in keeping society intact.

The lack of transparency and respect towards their citizens by governments across the world, including South Africa, during the time of Covid, the overemphasis of certain narratives, on the one hand and the downplaying of all other solutions which do not support their particular narrative, has caused a major credibility shortfall.

Restoring credibility is one of Government's most important challenges, if they have any desire to address it.

In the meantime, you are invited to, by clicking here, report inappropriate Covid-related actions by enforcement agencies.

Gerhard Papenfus is the Chief Executive of the National Employers' Association (NEASA).