NEASA: business for ending lockdown campaign

NEASA: business for ending lockdown campaign

The current State of Disaster and lockdown is placing unconstitutional limitations on the rights of the population, causing a humanitarian crisis by virtue of limitations on the right to conduct business and earn a living.

On 12 August 2020 a number of business organisations joined hands in a campaign (called Business for Ending Lockdown) to end what remains of the current lockdown and the State of Disaster.

Apart from NEASA, the organisations Sakeliga, the Southern Africa Agricultural Initiative (SAAI), TLU SA, the Restaurant Association of South Africa, the LWO and the hospitality association Fedhasa, which collectively represent more than 50 000 businesses, attended the launch. These businesses will form the initial steering committee. The campaign advisory committee includes Pandemic Analysis (PANDA) and economists Dawie Roodt, Mike Schüssler, Russel Lamberti, Johannes Wessels and Gerhard van Onselen.

Although Government has downgraded the lockdown to Alert Level 2, the fallout from this disastrous economic intervention is far from over. Government’s political agenda of radical economic transformation, for which Covid-19 serves as a cover, is picking up steam. Businesses will have to take a very deliberate and tough stance against this, especially during the economically challenging times that lie ahead.

If any business or business organisation or individual business finds itself in a situation where:

  • you realize that Government is not going to help you, whilst helping others;
  • even worse, you realize that Government is actively working against your interests; and
  • you agree that imposing a lockdown on the economy is the worst possible option to counter a health dilemma, then

you are invited to support the ENDLOCKDOWN campaign, either as a business organisation or as an individual business. To do so click here and complete the required form.

It is our view that nobody, including Government, has the right to deny you the right to earn a living, either by means of conducting business or being employed - as long as that activity is conducted within the confines of the constitution and is fair.

We also call on businesses to, now more than ever, and to the extent that it is possible and economically justifiable, to support and mentor other businesses which are:

  • excluded from Government aid; and
  • the target of Government’s actions which are hostile and counterproductive.

We are all in this together.