Covid19: UIF TERS: Department of Employment and Labour to commence with audits

Covid-19: UIF TERS: department of employment and labour to commence with audits

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Dear employer

It has been reported that the DEL appointed auditors, who are to commence with investigations in respect of TERS payments made to employers.

The purpose of the audits is to ensure that the TERS payments ultimately reached their intended recipients, being the employees.

The Minister of Employment and Labour made allegations that some companies have claimed TERS benefits but did not pay it over to their employees.

It seems that, according to the Minister, the reason why a large number of employees have not yet been paid is as a result of delinquent and dishonest employers. It is not surprising that the DEL is laying the blame at the collective door of employers rather than acknowledging that the TERS system has, to a large extent, failed, as denial has consistently been the modus operandi of the DEL. 

Employers are advised to have all documentation necessary to prove the audit trail at hand, in order to show compliance. 

We will keep members abreast of developments in this regard.

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