South African company lauches unique GEZA sanitiser station

South African company lauches unique GEZA sanitiser station

 As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, South African entrepreneurs have developed and manufactured a robust sanitiser station called GEZA (which means ‘wash’ in isiZulu).

Are your employees back at work? Is your retail store operational again? Are you excepting learners onto your school or college premises? How will you safeguard the health and wellness of your staff, customers and pupils? That is the question on everyone’s mind as the reopening of the economy accelerates.

GEZA is a perfect sanitiser option, suitable for facilities that have multiple persons entering the premises. The 960mm sanitizer stand holds four litres of liquid and is operated by a foot pump, which is made of high-quality material that enables it to withstand wear and tear.

“Geza is different to other sanitisers on the market,  in that the liquid is dispensed directly into the unit, so there is no need for nozzles and spray bottles, of which there is currently a shortage of countrywide. The unit is free-standing, enabling flexibility and placement. It uses sanitisers or liquid soap of any brand and is perfect for corporates, schools, retail stores and public transport stations. It is also engineered and manufactured by South Africans, for South Africans.” says Khethi Ngwenya, co-founder of Geza.